Tammy McAtee was born in Bangor, Maine.  She grew up in small towns surrounding Bangor while attending school.

In High School, she received numerous awards for the business programs.  Working part time jobs, and with student loans, she graduated from Husson College, which is now Husson University, with a B.S in Accounting.

She worked for several companies after graduating, and later had her own companies – an Internet Store and also accounting business.

Living in Maine, Texas, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Nevada, she has enjoyed living in different parts of the United States.

Writing has always been a passion and something she enjoyed while growing up.  She ended her other work and focused on her writing In Mississippi where she wrote her first novel.

She, too, has had some difficult times and experiences through her life that she used and depended on the same kind of principles that Willow in the novel is using.  Life is not always easy, but if you believe and follow the good examples Willow has learned, you should also find your life will improve, just as hers has.

Tammy is actively seeking an agent and publisher to share this work.  Today Social Media plays an important part in the interest of Agents and Publishers, as they want to see that there is an interest in the market place for new writers.  If this work is something you would like to see published, please make a comment on the excerpt page that you would like to see this published.  Also, you can support this work by joining the Facebook Group or the Fan Page, following on Twitter, and also on the YouTube Video, like and comment, and subscribe to the channel.


With your support and interest, this work will be published!  Thank you!