Voices Within – an Inspirational Novel – Excerpt #26


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“You must focus, Child on what you can do rather than on what you can’t do. In order to heal Child, you must heal the whole self, not just one part or piece of one self. There is much for you to learn. We will take a break for now and continue shortly.”

“Please don’t go. I feel so trapped, afraid, scared I’ll never wake up from this horrible place I’ve found myself in.”

“Dear Child,” the voice softened slightly and became gentler, “you needn’t fear the unknown. It is only a new journey. Rest Child and we will talk soon.”

About Tammy McAtee

An inspirational and spiritual fictional novel written by Author Tammy McAtee, inspired by the Creator, called “Voices Within”. This is a story of an inner journey of life’s lessons, healing, growth, discovery, and change, and not based on any one religion. Willow is not a religious woman, and has no hope, only despair, heartbreak, and loss of her dreams. As she questions God, who is of love and warmth while in her coma, she learns and grows, and makes many realizations. I hope that Willow’s journey will inspire you as you share her story, though fiction, she asks many questions of God that you too may have thought about and seek answers for. The following is a detailed summary of “Voices Within” and an excerpt is available under the excerpt tab. Voices Within Close Your Eyes for a Second Chance “Willow” is eighteen years old, a loner, and unsure of what she wants to do with her life. Her eighteenth birthday party was meant to be a celebration with her father, and instead has become a ten-year search for him after he vanished. While following every small clue, she questions if her father left her willingly, or not, after authorities find no explanation as to his disappearance. When she is run down by a van, her true journey begins as she is entombed within her body in a coma. In the hospital, alone and afraid, Willow screams inside her mind for someone, anyone to hear her. Willow’s cries of fear and panic of being imprisoned in the darkness within her body are answered by a voice within. When she asked who this voice is, the voice states you may call me “Creator”, “God”, or any other name you choose, as the name matters not. She learns there are many lessons she needs. Through her questions, and the remembrance of who she was, Willow understands she must heal all of who she is before she will possibly awaken. She learns even more as she hears from “Mabel”, a wise elderly black woman, who holds Willow’s hand in the hospital room and comforts Willow when she feels alone and afraid. Mabel discusses painful events in her life, but recognizes what she gained. She talks of the many blessings she has experienced in her life, the experiences that changed her perceptions, and how she ultimately found happiness and love. Willow finds within the truths of all she herself is, as she faces her fear, pain and her past. She learns about the power of the mind, choices, and all she can become, if she chooses to do so, and is willing to do the things necessary to try to achieve them. She recognizes she must forgive herself, and those who have hurt her, even if she cannot forgive the act itself. Through her conversations with God, and the stories from Mabel, she understands she was on a path of self-destruction, but should not judge herself for those choices. The Summary is now available at YouTube at https://youtu.be/-glRCCKI174
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